kid icarus uprising sav problem

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    Sep 13, 2009
    Anyone know if we can change the region of a save? I have made a lot of thing in my PAL version cartridge and i want to play in my US undubed cia version . I tried with save data filer to install it without carrying the region but it didn't work.I'm in 4.5 cfw palantine
    Sorry for my bad english.

    EDIT:i've resolved it!!!! thanks to liomajor :For CIA its fast and simple > 'SaveDataFiler'

    1. Export your EUR save (00001261)
    2. Create a save inside MH4U USA
    3. Export your dummy USA save (TitleID-LOW 0000XXXX)
    4. Copy the content inside SDCARD:\filer\UserSaveData\<DATE-TIME>\00001261 to your USA folder and overwrite 'system' & 'user1'
    5. Import your save for CIA