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    So. I just resumed playing my DSi, and I went back to my old KH save. I switched to playing on the US version, so I downloaded the clean rom and patched it. However, something is very weird; when I tried to exit out of Saix's mission select screen, it froze at the black loading screen. I tried going straight to a mission, and it froze again after I beat the boss of the mission. I though it might be the patch I used, so I tried using all other kinds of patches (xdelta, ips, manual hex editing) and none of them had anything to do with it. I went back to my old JP version, which worked fine before, and now it doesn't work either; now it stays on the black screen while loading the boss fight.

    I'm using a DSi, R4 Ultra v1.55. I used to use a DSL and the original, real R4 v.1.18

    Besides telling me to buy a real flash cart, can someone please help me?
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    Buy another fake cart...preferably a r4i-sdhc...its a clone, but it works perfectly with ysmenu