KBlade's Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands Review

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    KBlade's Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands Review​


    Overview and Impressions:

    This game is the sequel to the game Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands. The first game, I'm sad to say, was a disappointment. The lack of good controls, interaction to the villagers, events and too much effort and difficulty at the start made it annoying.

    Then, Marvelous entertainment decides to release this game, which completely fixes all of the originals problems and makes it completely better. It does a good job doing it and the execution is done well.

    The story of this game is that you are a beginning rancher who's come to these islands in order to ranch. You discover that all of the islands have sunk and the only way to raise them and raise the Sunshine Islands is by collecting Sun Stones obtained by achieving certain tasks.

    It also has 2 new eligible bachelor/ettes. They are Will and Lily. They are both unlocked by raising the Volcano Island.

    This game now relies on the Farming Degree system. The more you work, the more stuff you get. For example, when you first fish, you can only get small fish. If you fish more, you can get medium or large fish.

    I'd say it was very well improved.



    The sounds are nice and they fit well into the background. The areas have different music and so do the seasons. There are also some very nice SFX music. The lack of voice acting can be excused, as it would be pretty difficult to try. It may be a tad bit disappointing, but it can be ignored.

    The music is a bit repetitive though, and you'll get sick of it eventually, but it's done well.




    I like the sprites and the 3d graphics are pretty decent. It's not pixelated like some games and they aren't very blocky. The background and the objects around you are nice. There are some nice 2d character sprites here and the environment is nice to look at.




    It's new systems, new animals, new aims, new goals, and new stuff to do is a nice change from IoH. This game's new control scheme is heaven-sent, having to use the D-Pad instead of the stylus is fantastic, and it was one of IoH's major flaws.

    The overall gameplay is well improved, and all of those new schemes are great so, great job Marvelous!



    Replay Value:

    As a harvest moon game, you can expect to play this for a long time. Get married, have a kid, unlock everything, befriend everyone, get all the stuff, and everything else. This game, is practically unlimited and will never end. It's replay is huge, and you'll find yourself wasting a ton of hours on this game trying to do everything. It's probably one of the most addicting games for the DS ever made, just like every harvest moon game.




    A huge improvement and a worthy rival to FOMT and HM64. One of the best HM games so don't miss this one!
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    Nice review, short and sweet! [​IMG]
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    yes nice review you've done here can't reall[y see any faults or arguements I can make so job well done! my personal favourite harvest moon is back to nature I love that game
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    whoa, periods and commas dude.
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    i think you gave this a fair review, and i agree with alot of your points, Definatly a good improvement
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    Nice review. Didn't notice this earlier.
    I agree with most points in your review. For gameplay I'd have rated it slightly lower. It's still a good game, which I intend to keep playing. I just feel it isn't a massive improvement from earlier titles in the franchise.
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    Sincerely, i don't know why people says that this is the best HM game on The DS. Most people seem to hate HMDS, in my opinion, it was a fun game, with nice sprites, events and characters. It had a few glitches/bugs, but it was very fun. On the other hand, this game have Horrible 3D graphics, the controls are weird and the top screen just displays a map :wtf:.

    Aniway, i liked your Review, i disagree with some points but it's a fair review.

    c ya!.