Just purchased DSTWO GBA temp Special Edition

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    So this is my first post on GBAtemp forums and I am still very new to the flash cart scene. Anyway, I have owned a total of 3 Nintendo DSI's and I just got the Special Edition one that comes with Mario party and is Orange. I think they made the same package with other colors like Green and Red, I am not to sure. Well, the question I have abou that is another topic for another post and of course in a different section. Let me start by saying that I did a lot of research and reading about different flash carts before actually purchasing one. And after I thought I had read enough about them, I ended up purchasing a R4i Revolution flash cart. (Shows how much I knew) After purchasing that card from GamesYeah.com I think for $25.00 total, it came with a 4GB SD, and a card reader/writer.

    So after I ordered that card, I went on to start reading about them more. Before I bought that card I never once went on a forum to get insight about what card would be the best for what I wanted to do. I had only read reviews from sites selling the cards. I should have known, those sites were trying to sell the cards, so of course the review would be kick-ass. (Again, shows how I know) So after searching Google for a forum that talked about these cards I came about this forum. And from a lot of post I saw that the Supercard DSTWO flash cart was a very popular card. So that made read up on the card some more, and I was convinced that I wanted one of these cards instead of the R4i. So hoping I wasnt too late I sent an email out to the sales dept. saying " I needed to cancel my order" and that "Someone had already purchased this card for me, and I did not know about it till now." Luckily they sent me an email back saying that they caught the package at the post office and that I would receive my refund in a week.

    So, step 1 completed. Haha, I am sorry for such a long story, and if you are still with me on this, thanks for your time....OK, so I found out about the site 0ShippingZone.com from a couple of post people had made. I went on the site looking for a good deal on the Supercard DSTWO, and as I was looking I saw the GBAtemp Specail Edition DSTWO flash cart. Now I am the type of person who likes rare things and of course Special Edition thingys. So I wanted it, and I bought it The total was $53.45 and it comes with a nice little package all spoofed up, a nice little stylus, a mini card reader/writer, and whatever else it comes with. Now this card came out on sale on this site on Monday December 20, 2010. And I order one on December 21, 2010, now I am wondering if anyone else who ordered one does it say on "back order" under the status of your order. I am wondering if they were just taking pre-orders for this card or what. And also am I guaranteed one of these since my order was processed already? I am just a little confused about all that. I sent an email to the sales dept. of the site, just a minute ago and I hope to get a response soon, or maybe someone on here knows if I am guaranteed one since I paid for it already.

    Other than that thanks for your time everyone and Happy Holidays to everybody hope you have a great Christmas or Hanuka. Oh and Happy New year as well.