Just installed Wiikey, completely stuck now

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    Jan 30, 2008
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    I have an NTSC-U Wii with 3.1U firmware. I recently installed my Wiikey modchip and I have no idea what to do now. I have read the FAQs and tried pretty much everything, but my Wii won't read either back-ups or originals. I cannot run GC or Wii games. Can someone please tell me step-by-step what I need to do to get this working?

    I have burned two hexed 1.2 configuration discs, a normal 1.2 configuration disc, a 1.9g update disc, and my Wii will not read any of them except the normal 1.2 config disc. It loaded that one but then gave me an error message (please eject the game disc and turn the power off, something to that extent). I used Verbatim DVD-Rs and burned at 6x. (the discs were rated for 16x)

    I thought at first it might be a problem with the soldering, but I have checked all my connections and they all seem to be fine.

    I apologize for this extremely noobish question but I am really at my wit's end. Someone please tell me what to do, step-by-step, so I can run back-ups (specifically, the SSBB single-layer dump). I know a lot of Wiikey users must have installed their chips before the 3.0 update, which apparently changed a lot of things. I installed the chip on a Wii that was already 3.1U. Thanks so much!
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    I installed a wiikey last week after updating my wii to 3.1u and everything is working fine on my end. I know you said you went over your soldering already but you should definitely check it again. That could be the problem. If soldering isn't the problem, lets hope you don't have a clone wiikey. I didn't use the quicksolder method. Instead I used the wire method because I feel it's more clean and reliable. Hope you get your problem sorted out.
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    since its not even reading originals, i'd say chances are you borked your install up somewhere along the line. recheck everrrryyy connection, if you quicksoldered you might not have the VCC and GND soldered (its hard to tell with the hole filled completely if you have a good connection) properly.

    definately recheck it, if you install it and you can't read originals, something went wrong with the install 90% of the time.
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    Burn your discs at 4x or slower. Anything faster can give you read errors.
    Once you get one of the config discs to work then change the settings of multi-region to on and that should also help.
    As the others stated check all your solder connections.
    Hope it works :-)

    Also check this out. It can help you big time.