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    Im gona buy a second handed xbox360 with Jtag next week and im trying to know how this works.

    The guy that is seeling me told me that he never pluged the x360 online

    The thing is, I want to play some games online, it's possible to play with Jtag?

    Can i put some ISO's on a external harddrive and play online?

    Thanks in advance and sorry for my english ;)
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    There are ways to use a JTAG online but it's not recommended. Most likely you will just get banned. If you want to get online you should at least get a multi boot machine with a clean official firmware (preferrably with separate hard drives, one for your hacked dash, one for the official one).

    Personally I bought myself 2x 360's, one unmodified for Live and one JTAG:ed. But then I realised how much Xbox Live sucks so I ended up hacking the second machine too.

    If you just want to play online without going on Xbox Live you can just use XLink Kai though, it's a great function (like Hamachi, but for your Xbox) that lets you play System Link games with other people over the Internet. It fools your Xbox into thinking that the people you're connecting to are actually right next to you in your LAN.
    This has nothing to do with Xbox Live though, it simply lets you play with other people using XLink Kai too.

    Also, as for putting games on an external HDD, yes this works, but you do not put ISO's on there, you extract them on your PC before putting them on.
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    LiNK is a built in service for Syslink games.
    It's built in FSD 3 and has no need for PC sided software.

    Live isn't possible.

    As for externals, I'd say upgrade the internal HDD and follow me guide on installing FSD
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    If you wanna see how long a KV can last.... Add ThE gRaY gHoSt
    to your friends list. Two weeks 4 days and counting.
    Also don't trust people who tell you it's never been online. Also did they buy it used?
    Because most of the time people sell these when they get banned and are either too dumb to figure out how to get it back online (getting new kv)
    or they get tired of paying for new kv files.
    And a Jtag console is capable of getting online just like any other hard modded console without having to go to some special "hackers only" sys link.
    You'll need to use xbl stealth server and you may want to keep some money available for new KV file when yours gets banned.
    I can help you with the server part but you'll be on your own finding kv's to buy or steal....(the latter of the two is what I am interested in)
    And one of the biggest keys to keeping your console from getting banned is to mostly use it with older games...As they tend to be watched less.
    But then again I've been mostly playing COD AV and GTAV on mine so maybe most games for xb360 are not getting watched as much.

    But to answer your question basing it off of history. Can you play online? Depends if the console is banned. Will I get banned? More than likely.
    Can I get back online after getting banned? Yes but if you are using someone's stealth server and purchasing kv files it will cost you.
    Oh yeah if you do in fact go online with a modded console don't get attached to the username you choose. (because once banned you'll be selecting another one)
    And if you aren't interested in going this route Let me know if this console is a Phat console and has the original jtag installed. I may be willing to trade you for a brand new console. (obviously it would be a 500gb model bundle of your choice)