Hacking Japanese WII - please help


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Dec 18, 2007
United States

I am fairly new to the wii modding scene and have a few questions if someone could kindly help me:

I have a JAP wii and updated my wii firmware using MArio Galaxy (ntsc - j) and through reading forums it should have updated it to 3.0J. But my settings show 3.1J - im not compaining about this but im confused

My wiikey is updated with the latest firmware 1.9g.

So my questions are, how did my firmware get to 3.1J, did mario do this or would this have happened online? Thought 3.0j was the latest?

Ive ordered a wii fit from Japan, i know this comes with 3.1J so guess this wont actually update anything?

In the new year i will obtain wii fit ntsc U - im assuming cos im running 3.1J this will be ok as its the latest update

Also, when i put in big brain acadamy ntsc u it tries to do an update even though im running on 3.1J (big brain has 2.2U does it not?). Im afraid to let this complete, but in theory i know it shouldnt do anything as big brains firmware is less than i have. If i use brickblocker the disc doesnt work. Anyone tried this on a JAP wii? does it just give you duplicate channels?

Also, with guitar heroes 3, the update list doesnt show if the PAL version works on a JAP wii - anyone know? Also does anyone know what firmware the GH3 disc contains?

Please please please help me

thanks in advance


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