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Jan 3, 2007
You'll probably be wondering why the hell would anyone post about politics? Well I am a studying Japanese after all and well sometimes the good comes with the bad. The good being learning Japanese, the bad is having to deal with all the extra courses in this case Japanese politics. Don't get me wrong, Japanese politics are incredibly interesting but when you have to re-enact the 6-party talks and discuss the nuclear problems, not to mention the abductees problem, one gets the urge to just forget about it.

In general it's all fun and games until you have to start delving for information. Let's just say that all round limited resources on press statements make it hard to have a nuanced view on the Komeito's point of view. All in all I'm pretty good at beating around the bush so I got away with it.

For those trully interested here's a short summary:
- Komeito has a large following which consists mainly of the common men, for this reason the Komeito is a party which puts the human aspect before everything, they don't care for all that nuclear shit. Yeah they're shitting themselves or cying themselfs to sleep but when push comes to shove they only want an answer and a possible return of the japanese abductees taken in the 70's

- With that single mindedness in mind try to have a proper debate in which you only have one point and nothing else, ok they do have opinions on nuclear tests and such but they are limited to 「だめだ」or for those non japanese speaking individuals, a suitable translation would be [no way in hell we're gonna let that m'fo shoot missiles at us]. That being said it is clear that having to represent this group not a lot could be said.

- Luck will have it the group that is presenting the US standpoint says and I quote "We were wrong about Irak" and people I shit you not, this is the gift from god I have been waiting for, giving me ample room to be able to get at least 3 pages full of opinions on general people centred politics and there influence on the situation.

Ok that's about it, now that i re-read it this doesn't make much sense but hell i needed to rant about it. Ok so now back to studying for my exam, as you could have guessed it's Japan's National and International Politics

In any case hope you enjoyed my little rant,



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