iTouchds/G6 Real Firmware Compatability

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    I own an iTouch and I(along with many others) know that iTouch has the ability to run its own firmware along with M3 Real/Sakura. I am not in anyway trying to offend or upset the people who have taken the time to produce this card. Im just curious.

    My questuions is how can G6 Real firmware be ran on the iTouch?

    thanks in advance
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    Sep 8, 2008
    correct me if im wrong but i belive the g6 boots off nand inbuilt memory and i touch runs of micro sd so it would have to be hacked ALOT! to run on any card running of micro sd
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    G6Real & M3Real use the same TouchPod OS (as the parent company GBalpha calls it). The iTouchDS is also maketed by GBalpha and is very similar to the M3DS Real hardware. A Japanese hacker (borderline genius Rudolph) made a "hack pak" to enable iTouch/Real interaction. GBalpha then altered the G6/M3Real OS to prevent Rudolph's hack from working on TouchPod, but it still worked for M3 Sakura... until the newest China/Asia 1.33 version was released.

    So, if you just want to see what the G6 OS looks like on your iTouch... download the early triple boot for iTouch (the M3Real triple boot version won't work). It's interesting, but your current iTouchDS 2.3c OS is much much better. The TouchPod OS then is not what it is now (and RealTimeSave does not work on any G6 TouchPod OS).