Issues with some cht files on a m3real card

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    Aug 21, 2010
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    Ok. I'm using a m3i zero card on a DS lite with their slot 2 ram upgrade and my gba games work just fine. My issue however is with some of the games I'm trying to use cheats for. The games in particular are all the Super Robot Wars games for the GBA, A, R, D, OG1, OG2 and J.

    I have the .cht database that is available here and know how to get the cheats to load. However for some reason the cheats just DO NOT WORK. All I want is to have infinite cash (If I wanted to worry about cash I would play my legit carts which are in a plastic box 10 feet away from this comp)

    Has anyone managed to get the infinite money codes to work on a m3 zero/real using the latest touchpod firmware (I refuse to add the Sakura firmware since it likes to corrupt my GBA saves)