Is this normal? Or is my hinge loose?

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    I made a video to better describe the issue but I will describe it in text as well cause I just noticed after uploading the video to youtube that it can't clearly be seen that my left side hinge/upper portion of my 3ds moves a little bit.

    What happens is on the left side of the when the 3ds is opened up the lower left portion of the top part is able to move up a centimeter or two as if I could pull it off if I possibly pulled hard enough. This happens only on the left side, not the right side.

    Keep in mind when watching the video my camera is a bit delayed for whatever reason.
  2. Da Mafia

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    Oct 27, 2004
    The same thing happens on mine.
  3. Pippin666

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    Yes it is normal my friend. This is done on purpose. The loose help to put less stress on the hinge for it no to break overtime. Read about the first batch of NintendoDS Lite with very tight hinge that cracked after few months. If was a known and adressed problem from Nintendo. Mine was change atleast once for that exact thing.

    The same happen to mine. It doesn't bother me anymore. At all! I got use from moving my 3DS and my head and not lose 3D effect.

    Tbh, I had hard time to see the "loose" on your console. It is at it's very minimum I can tell you that.