Is the new wonderswan color backlit screen worth it?

Discussion in 'Other Handhelds' started by romanaOne, Nov 8, 2019.

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    where the potential goes to zero
    I tend to think no, because it murders the battery life (<2hrs, according to The Chinese Guy ) and requires some cutting up of the case. The price is also insane.
    Nevertheless, I'm curious to try it out because the original screen really is unusable in almost any lighting conditions.

    Is there anyplace you can get one in North America?
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    I don't have a WonderSwan but from what I have seen those backlit screen upgrades are really worth it in general if you play a certain handheld a lot. Screens on retro handhelds are universally terrible, and the improvement is huge. For someone serious about retro games that prefers playing on real hardware, it's a no brainer to want the best experience possible. Even if it's expensive, it's a one time investment.
    Google was not much help, got a link to where you can buy them so I can have a look?
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