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    Dec 23, 2009
    EDIT: ended up getting a secondhand vita. Don't know my way around enough to get moonlight at this point...

    So...as the thread title suggests, I don't currently have a vita and don't really care about it either. No offense to anyone, but it has zero games that spark my interest.
    However, I've recently dabbled into streaming games and I do have a rig that supports it (meaning: I can stream to my shield tablet and "sort of" use my steam controller on it). But playing with a controller while having a tablet on my lap is all but convenient, and a regular laptop doesn't have a proper keyboard (and is also a bit too heavy).

    So there's this moonlight-thing. Apparently, you can now use a vita to stream from your PC. And that sounds, at least in theory, interesting. I've recently rediscovered my wiiu and play it almost exclusively in off-tv mode (even if my girlfriend isn't watching TV). My PC and router are also directly next to it, so the distance is ideal. However...how well does this work? I've seen proof of concept video's of people streaming GTA V or mario kart 8 (cemu) to the thing, but how well does this really work? I've got hundreds of steam games that I want to play from my couch...can I do this? And more to the point: will this be worth it to buy a vita for at this point?

    Also: can the vita be fully hacked, or does it require some fiddling each time you turn it on?

    Probably worth mentioning: I do have a PSP that fits my emulation needs. If that scummvm emulator has touch controls it'll be nice to have, but I doubt I'll use it much (besides...those memory cards are still damn expensive)

    Thanks for any replies. :-)
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    Feb 13, 2015
    Zero experience with this "moonlight" thing...

    You need to run Henkaku each time you reboot it (you can use standby mode just fine); after the first time you run Henkaku from the browser, you can install and use the homebrew "SwitchKaku" so that you can use the Mail app to start Henkaku without internet
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    Mar 27, 2012
    I've wanted to test it out for a while, I'll see if I can get it to work and tell you how it goes for me.

    EDIT: So I've finally found the time to fiddle around with it.

    First off, installation was pretty damn easy. Only had to install Geforce experience on my PC, and activate that gamestream slider. For the vita I only had to install the moonlight vpk.
    After that you just launch moonlight on your vita and enter your computer IPv4 and you have a short confirmation code to enter on your PC.

    My rig definitely isn't the best (basically a GTX770 and i7-4790) but it can still do a decent job on most games. I first tried it in my room, with the router being 2 rooms away (old building, connexion can be pretty bad) and the input and screen refresh lag were just unbearable.
    Next I put my PC and vita in the same room as the router and played on the couch.
    It ended up being a lot more playable that way. The image refresh delay was no longer noticeable, and there was only a very small input lag left.
    I tested it with games that required somewhat quick reaction times (Rogue Legacy and Dark Souls 3) and they were playable. I could feel a slight input lag but it was manageable. It wasn't the optimal experience I'd have on PC but definitely enough to be enjoyable if I really wanted to play those 2 games in my couch for example.
    Now given my experience with those I definitely would not play anything requiring even more quick and precise movements with this, like for example Furi, or any kind of bullet shooters or FPS, but for the rest I'll definitely give it a go.

    One thing to note is that it does also put an additional load on your PC, I tried Talos Principle as well, and had to tweak down the settings a bit.

    Overall though I really like it. In terms of graphics it looks really, really good to me (even in the lower stream settings) and I just love the Vita form factor a lot (since it's very similar to the GBA like the PSP was) for handheld gaming. I especially want to see if I can get this to work with moonlight too ( I assume it should).

    So regarding whether or not it's worth it for you I would say that it depends on several things:
    -Which games do you want to play using moonlight ? Are they games that need really quick reaction time or not basically.
    -Your rig. Mine performs correctly but I have to keep the bitrate relatively low.
    -Whether or not you like the feel of the Vita in hand.

    Also regarding your question of the need to re-install Henkaku on every startup, after the first install which is longer it takes 20 sec average for me (using web browser, haven't tried the offline installer)
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