Is it safe to update delicate 3DS firmware titles through FBI?

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    Dec 4, 2011
    I have a N3DS with 10.3.0-33 (I followed this tutorial to gain access the eShop without updating the firmware), and since for the moment I find the whole 3ds red/emu/dunnowhatNand hacking method a bit risky at not essential to me for now I thought I could, for the time being, update through the same metod only the "important" parts of the console.

    So I said, ok, let's check the titles this new firmware updates and let's install only NVer (used to check the firmware version accessing the eShop), the friends system module, the Nintendo Zone hotspot list, the DSP system module, the NS system mod-


    "DSP / NS System modules"? Is it really safe to update something this important through this method?