Is it safe to have M3 and AceKard 2 in the SAME DS?

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    I have an M3 (OLD M3, no special name, just M3) and will soon be getting Acekard 2. I know they both have their own firmware, but does it hurt to have them both installed into the system? I use M3 for GBA games and stuff. I would transfer it to aceKard 2 but Pokemon Emerald is a total pain in the behind. I can't so much as even move the save file, or it'll delete it and crap thus losing all my Pokemon. I also made some savestate with M3... could those be converted to use on Acekard 2? I'm already at the Pokemon League and this is a hacked version of Emerald with all 386 Pokemon catchable.

    Also, I was wondering, is there a way to cheat Pokemon D/P trades through these flash cart devices? You know, have both games on the card and all that.
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    sadly iunno .

    with your description you are saying that you won't to transfer the files into the SD Card the AceKard uses . You can atempt to do this but i think it's best if you just use them one by one ! you'll never be sure . and while ur at it , try getting a EZ-Flash 3-in-1 . only $20 at and it'll save you space ( DS won't be that bulky unless you have the Phat )

    so yea what i said is just to be on the safe side . but you can try if this will work ...

    - Echo
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    No, let me rephrase that. Ignore everything else and just focus on this part.

    I have an M3 and Acekard 2. One for GBA and the other for DS. I want to use them both on the DS. Would that cause any problems? M3 to play GBA homebrew, and Acekard 2 to run DS homebrew. They both have different firmware and that means I have to install 2 different firmware into the same machine. Will that cause problems?
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    No. You don't install flashcarts, as far as the DS is concerned they are just game paks. There are lots of people with that same combo.

    And no, you cannot migrate your pokeymen from an M3 Perfect to an Acekard 2, or any other slot 1 cart except the M3 Real.

    You cannot run pokemon emerald or any other GBA game on any slot 1 flashcart.