[Is it possible...] to use SplinterCell 3D to create unreal engine game?

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    Oct 29, 2015
    I everyone,
    Like the title of the thread ask, is it possible?

    I explain : I would like make some little games on 3DS.
    And I like Unreal engine, I made some project and map on this engine when I was student.
    No luck for me, no official possibilities to compil Unreal creation for the 3DS.

    But there is one game use this engine : SplinterCell 3D .
    With BrainDump, I've extracted romfs.bin and exefs.bin, and inside the romfs, with ctrtools, I've found the SC3.BF who contains the Unreal files and SC3.tmp who contains the list of files.

    But i'm blocked. I can't extract files from the SC3.BF and try to edit this games to make a hackrom.

    If someone can help or just have an idea, I hear you!
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    This is, at best, going to turn out to be a dead end. Even if you COULD manage to decompress the BF file (it's probably just a butchered up zip/tar/some other container type thing), it's not going to do you much good. The absolute best you can hope for is a rom hack.
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