ROM Hack Is it possible to modify the Arc files in Resident Evil Revelations


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Feb 24, 2011
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I posted this in the monster hunter thread, but decided it is only marginally related so I would make a new thread about it as well.

Is using the arc tool something that is possible with Revelations' 3DS rom? I have gotten quite good at it on PC, but since the Portable version is my favorite I would love to do a couple character skin mods.

Is it possible to do this type of model and arc extract and repack on Resident Evil Revelations? I have a wonderful skin mod I made for Jill ( and several other character mods) and would love to stick it in the 3DS game.

Additionally ( assuming arc extracting is possible) would it further be possible to replace one arc with another effectively changing the model? For instance changing Wetsuit Jill with BSAA Jill? Making it so this particular mod would be playabvpe for the majority of the game? If this is at all possible I will be the happiest man alive!

Here is my mods for Revelations BTW, currently just for PC, but if I can get this working on my 3DS backup the excitement!
Mod download link
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