Is a micro sd card required for a flash?

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    I was going to buy a R4isdhc GOLD Pro 2019 from They show 'We will update its latest firmware to support 3DS Ver 11.10.0-43U/E/J/K, before shipping it out'. Does that mean I have to buy the micro sd card from them also? I wanted to buy a Samsung sd card from somewhere else.
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    Nop,u doesn't have to buy an SD card on the site,this update to 11.10 already exist(in fact,nothing changed between 11.9 and 11.10 for the flashcards). After the flashcard arrive in ur house,u have to set up it,downloading the Kernel settings(a bunch of files that u can easily find on the internet) and put on the micro SD to run the flashcard system on ur console
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    No, you should never buy SD cards from flashcart sellers, they're either outright fakes or just extremely low quality. That's just how the SD card market is in China.
    By the way, the R4i Gold 3DS Plus is a much better flashcart.
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