IOS updates, checking installed versions?

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Quark^2, May 22, 2009.

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    I just got Punch-Out (PAL, retail) and ran into a few minor difficulties trying to run it. Solving it was easy enough, but it got me thinking a bit.
    My Wii is running 3.2E, and I've made a NAND backup using bootmii/boot2 so I can safely experiment.

    On 3.2E I get the update message in the disc channel. With Preloader set to ignore updates I can play Punch-Out alright. I installed IOS53, 55 a while ago for other games. Punch-Out contains sysmenu 3.4E, so the update message is normal.

    After that I installed 4.0E using Waninkoko's updater (for fun) and everything went fine.
    The disc channel still shows an available update. Can't be the system menu now since I'm on 4.0E, so it must be an IOS update. Apparently the updater does not use the latest available IOSes.
    With Preloader set to ignore updates I get an 002 trying to launch Punch-Out! Launching through GeckoOS works though.

    I have extracted all updates from the update partition using WUFE, got them all as wads now.

    My questions
    - Is it safe to assume that the update message (in 4.0E) is referring to IOS updates? Not channel updates.
    - How can I compare the installed IOS versions (in 4.0E / waninkoko) with the IOS versions I extracted from the update partition?
    How do I find out what versions I have installed right now?
    - I prefer to keep the signing bug in my installed IOSes, is there a tool which allows me to patch the bug back into the IOS/wad? And install it myself.
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    Apr 4, 2009
    you can use WUFE (wii update file extractor) to extract IOSs from disc as wads then install them, but I dunno about patching trucha bug back into them.
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