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Discussion in 'CycloDS' started by Novalon, Dec 2, 2008.

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    I'm not sure where this belongs since I'm not sure what caused the problem. Anyway, for some reason, after running TWEWY, the top screen showed "Initialization complete" accompanied by a (red skull pin)? After that, to my dismay, I saw that the continue option was gone! Subsequently, I checked a few other games and they had their saves deleted too so I can speculate that all other saves were wiped out too. If I access the CycloDS from the PC, I can see that the .sav files are still there if that means anything. I also observed that all files were still on the card. If this is so, would I still need to format the card? It's hard to corroborate whether any of the data is corrupted considering that the error simply seemed to appear from no source.

    Could this have to do with running Chrono Trigger? I first ran a pre-patched version, which caused the notorious white screen. Then, I reset the DS and ran other games; the saves were still there at the time. Perhaps, running the pre-patched version also plagues the MicroSD with long term errors? The last game I recall running before the data erasure occurred was a clean copy of Chrono Trigger (USA). To test whether that game was the culprit, I saved another game in a random game, Castlevania, and subsequent to running CT again, the data in CV still remained.
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    Look in your options settings and make sure you set the "Save Mode" correctly. It sounds like that option got flipped to the other setting. There are two settings; Normal and Alternative. Normal will put the sav files in the same location as the ROM, Alternative will put them in a folder called "SAVES".