Looking for help with Arcade Light Gun games on my Wii

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    Was hoping to get some recommendations on a MAME emulator and how to get it up and running. I've got SDLMame and RetroArch but I'm having trouble getting either to locate ROMs either in my SD card or USB Drive. Any help configuring things would be appreciated. If you guys could recommend particular light games that you like and know work well that would be even more awesome. Yesterday I basically just downloaded every ROM (and CHD file) from this top 15 list http://www.cbr.com/gun-it-the-best-light-gun-arcade-games-ranked/

    I don't know if I need other bios files added to run them and I don't know if the Wii can handle some of the games with huge CHD files like Carnevil or Star Trek Voyager.

    Thanks for the help!
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    There are many wothwhile lightgun games on the Wii, official releases or even retro compilations. Dozens, in fact, it should cover a lot. Gunblade, HotD 2&3, Ghost Squetc.Wild West Guns, Reload, the two R.E. games ets etc. Lots of good stuff.

    As for MAME stuff, only SDLMame has IR support and i have managed to get Duckhunt and other NES arcade games to work on it. Retroarch FBa core supports many more but it does not recognize IR input so... Also, Lone Wolf by Taito, a personal old favorite runs great on SDLMame. More than that,SNES9XGX, FCEU GX and Genesis Plus GX emus all support IR for those systems' lightgun games
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