Hacking Inazuma Eleven Strikers keeps freezing without fail during matches


Apr 4, 2019
United Kingdom
Hello there; as the title says, my inazuma eleven strikers game freezes everytime I or the AI takes a normal shot in the game. This is the only part of the game that freezes and ive searched for countless hours on how to fix it because it makes the game unplayable. Before you jump to conclusions and say that my file is corrupted, im pretty sure it isnt because i tested both the normal iso AND the compressed wbfs files on dolphin and the freezing problem doesnt happen on neither of them. Im running the game on my wii u with homebrewed wii u and vwii. I use usbloader gx 3.0 and the cIOS that i use is the one that you are instructed to use on wiiu.hack.guide. My USB is formatted in FAT32 and has a 32kb cluster size (im pretty sure its kb). My inazuma eleven file was formatted to WBFS using wii backup manager. Please can somebody create a bit of magic and suggest a fix, ive been at this for hours now and im losing hope of playing this game since you cant find it physically anywhere anymore

EDIT: Forgot to say that we are talking about the european version of inazuma eleven strikers
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