In Need of a Secondary WAD Manager for vWii

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    Hey everyone

    I'm almost done installing my Wad collection but I have a few uncooperative wads that don't want to install in wad manager 1.7 -These wads (at least for me) are the usual suspects so I'm not too worried that they are not installing with 1.7. Here is my issue. On Original Wii, when I run into this problem, I just switch over to WAD Manager for ios 16 and all is good. If I remember correctly, there is no ios 16 on vWii. This is why I'm asking if someone could suggest a secondary manager to me. As always, all help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  2. MartinDocNewland

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    Jul 7, 2012
    Have you tried MMM? (Multi Mod Manager)

    What would be better if you emulated the nand and run it through USBLoaderGX or Wiiflow Mod as its safer

    You dump your Nand memory, Decrypt it then install your wad on the emulated Nand with showmiiwads