Homebrew idea: Wii as Netplayer for Squeezebox (Logitech)


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Apr 22, 2008
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now that i'm equipping my house with the Logitech Squeezebox Netplayers (and a NAS-Server) i had the idea to use the wii as a netplayer in the livingroom.

What is "Squeezebox"?
The Squeezebox-system works a little bit differently to a normal uPNP-Player: In the Squeezebox network you have to install a Squeezeboxserver (my NAS) that does the management and stores the music but it also does the decoding of the music. The different Squeezeboxes (clients) only have to play the stream that the Server sends to it. With the Server you can control which Squeezebox plays which song and you can customize nearly everything (including the displayed data at the clients with covers ...) You can use one of the clients to control the server or you use a PC, special Apps for Iphone or Android or a webbrowser or a standalone controller from Logitech

If you are interrested in this system you can easily install the SqueezeboxServer for win, mac, linux, etc. (needs a free registration) und use the softsqueeze-software as a player.

At first the wii could be similar to the "duet"-Squeezebox: a netplayer without any displaying info, only controlled by any other PC or so. There is a software called Squeezeslave that does that on Windows, Linux PPC/Intel, OSX PPC/Intel and Solaris SPARC/Intel.
Later someone could port a version of "softsqueeze" to the wii to make use of a graphical display, too.

What do you think? Is it possible to realize this? I'm a programming newbie but i think this idea could be great!

Sorry for my bad english...

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