RetroArch 1.10.0 released, adds improvements to netplay features


A new version of RetroArch has been released, bringing the emulator frontend to version 1.10.0. This update adds a multitude of changes and bugfixes, but three highlights include HDR support for Vulkan, better performance for Xbox UWP users, and tweaks and improvements to netplay. As of this version, Windows users can make use of HDR on Vulkan setups. As for netplay, the Libretro team has added quality of life features, such as a text chat room, the addition of relay servers, major changes to uPnP, a ping counter for the client, and more. The full changelog can be found on the official website, alongside the download for RetroArch 1.10.0.

RetroArch 1.10.0 has just been released.

Grab it here.

If you’d like to learn more about upcoming releases, please consult our roadmap here.

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HDR support for Vulkan has been added. It’s been confirmed working on Windows. Also,
HDR support for Slang shaders has been added. The first shader to support HDR is

Numerous improvements have been made to netplay. uPnP support has received a complete overhaul (and is no longer reliant on miniupnpc). Relay servers should now be fully operational. A new relay server has been added in Singapore to help out users in South East Asia and bordering countries.

A summary of the new features:

  • Netplay features: Text chat, host ping limiter, client ping counter.
  • Netplay relay: New relay system is now functional.
  • Netplay relay: The canadian server was replaced in favor of an asian one.
  • Netplay relay: Custom relay server support.
  • Netplay hosting: A warning will be shown if your room is not connectable from the internet when announcing to the lobby server.
  • Netplay fixes: Many netplay fixes and improvements.
  • Lobby Viewer (Internet): Filter out rooms that are not compatible with RetroArch’s netplay.
  • Lobby Viewer (Internet): Display a non-connectable tag to non-connectable rooms.
  • Lobby Viewer (LAN): LAN rooms now have their own refresh button, no longer mixing together with internet rooms.

The XMB menu now has a new (optional) effect to hide menu items that are near the edge of the screen, very similar to the original XMB. You can adjust the fade effect to your liking if you want it to fade out more items onscreen. The new setting is called ‘Vertical Fade Factor’ and can be found in Settings -> User Interface -> Appearance.

A VSync swap interval has been added for the Direct3D 10 and 11 drivers. Before, Swap/sync interval was merely on/off based on VSync, leaving the existing option unused.

Big improvements for Xbox / UWP users – see the changelog for more details.

User advice for Xbox users​

There are apparently some issues people are experiencing with USB drives.

We recommend you follow these steps to solve potential issues:
* Connect your drive to a Windows PC
* Go to File Explorer
* Right click on your NTFS drive
* Do the following: Properties -> Security -> Advanced -> Add -> Select Principal -> Advanced -> Find Now > All App Packages > Ok > Tick Full Control > Ok > Enable Inheritance.



  • 3DS: Add Jaxe, A5200 and WASM4 cores
  • 3DS: Fix rotation
  • ARCHIVE: Allow loading files from archive subdirectory
  • AUDIO: Remove frame limit from audio batch callback. Before, if a core used the audio batch callback, there would be a hidden cap of 1024 on the number of audio frames that could be sent. If a core exceeded this value, any excess samples were silently discarded. While this is sufficient for ‘normal’ samplerates/framerates, it means that e.g. a core using the batch callback to send 44100 Hz audio at 30 fps with would have entirely broken sound. This has been fixed by removing the audio batch frame limit.
  • AUDIO/RESAMPLER/NEON: Implement sinc kaiser NEON function
  • CHEEVOS: Reset hardcore default to enabled; show message when trying to load state in hardcore
  • CHEEVOS: Fix memory map conversion
  • CHEEVOS: Check netplay status when unlocking achievements
  • CHEEVOS: Support for hashing buffered NDS ROMs
  • CHEEVOS: Fix hung task whe badge doesn’t exist
  • CLI: Load save states from command-line or playlist
  • CORE INFO CACHE/SETTINGS: Restore missing ‘Cache Core Info Files’ menu entry
  • DATABASE: Serial scanning for Gamecube/MegaCD/SegaCD/Saturn/PSX/PSP/Dreamcast/Wii
  • D3D10/D3D11: Add Vsync swap interval
  • EMSCRIPTEN: Add Jaxe, WASM4 cores
  • FILE IO: Fix incorrect file names for remap files when the content path doesn’t have a preceding slash
  • INPUT/OVERLAY: Added support for showing the overlay behind the menu instead of in front. This is currently only supported on the GL, Vulkan, D3D 9/10/11/12 and 3DS drivers.
  • INPUT/UDEV: Convert abs mouse from screen to viewport coordinates; fix relative mouse coords
  • INPUT/WAYLAND: Ignore mouse clicks on window decoration
  • INPUT/WAYLAND: Add scroll wheel support
  • LINUX: Added support for Linux GameMode (, which can be toggled on/off in the Power Management or Latency settings menus.
  • LOCALIZATION: Fetch translations from Crowdin
  • LOCALIZATION: Add Indonesian, Swedish and Ukrainian language options
  • LOCALIZATION/MENU/RGUI: Enable Indonesian and Swedish localisations for RGUI
  • LOGGING: Logging cleanups
  • LOGGING: Stop logging FPS statistics twice on quit
  • LOGGING: Log font rendering backend only once
  • HOTKEYS: Added a hotkey toggle for the on-screen technical statistics.
  • HOTKEYS: Add delay + acceleration to volume hotkeys
  • MENU: Add option for showing notifications only in menu
  • MENU/RGUI: Add Finnish to supported languages
  • MENU/XMB: Optional vertical list item fade
  • MENU/XMB/OZONE: Category + History/Favorites icons
  • NETWORK: Fix dummy notification – no longer shows a netplay initialization failed notification when netplay is not enabled
  • NETWORK: LAN addresses only for UPnP – Some router devices might accept non-LAN addresses without raising an error.
  • NETWORK: Filter out non-connectable rooms. Add an option for filtering out non-connectable netplay rooms.
  • NETWORK: Netplay spectator notification fix. Fix double notification when the host switches to spectator.
  • NETWORK: Prevents long-term pausing from clients dishonoring allow pausing
  • NETWORK/LOBBY: Lobby Viewer: Filter out rooms that are not running RetroArch
  • NETWORK/LOBBY: Lobby Viewer: Display a non-connectable tag to non-connectable rooms
  • NETWORK/LOBBY: Host: Display warning if we are announcing to the internet but our room isn’t connectable from there
  • NETWORK/RELAY: Custom relay server support – Add support for custom user-ran relay servers
  • NETWORK/RELAY: Replace Canadian relay server with Singapore relay server. Current relays: New York/USA, Madrid/Spain, Sao Paulo/Brazil, Singapore
  • NETWORK/UPNP: Various refactors/improvements, no more dependent on miniupnpc
  • NETWORK/UPNP: Various UPnP binding fixes for specific routers
  • NETWORK/UPNP: Accept IGD v2 service types
  • NETWORK/UPNP: Delay lobby server announcing – delay the announcing in order to give UPnP’s port forwarding more time. Fix the remaining truncation warnings.
  • NETWORK/UPNP: Smart interface selection – Find the most suitable address for UPnP by scoring interfaces on how close their address is to the device’s address
  • OPENGL1: Fix buffer overflow – RetroArch would sometimes crashes at startup when loading asset textures with GL1 driver
  • PS3: PSL1GHT port added to Gitlab CI
  • VULKAN: Double combined image sampler descriptor pool size – fix segfaults with AMD GPUs using RADV
  • VULKAN: Emulate mailbox only with Vsync enabled – otherwise have it disabled – useful for VRR/G-Sync/FreeSync
  • VULKAN/SWAPCHAIN: Vulkan max swapchain images option adjustments: removed value 1, since it won’t be used – Video reinit on change, so that there is no need to restart or toggle fullscreen
  • VULKAN/HDR: HDR support – tested on Windows
  • WAYLAND: Add libdecor for client side decoration
  • WAYLAND: Use any display for initial metrics
  • WAYLAND: Fix the window closing, if RetroArch is build without libdecor
  • WAYLAND: Use checked sizes in EGL resize
  • WAYLAND: Fix window title update
  • WEBOS: Fix webOS build and run
  • WIIU: Fix rotation
  • UWP/XBOX: Fix content over 4GB (approx) failing to load, improve/speed up copy/load times
  • UWP/XBOX: Fix scanning for playlists
  • UWP/XBOX: Move content copied to LocalState to a dedicated dir and clear on startup
  • UWP/XBOX: Make content copy to a specific cache directory in the LocalState folder when it’s copied
  • UWP/XBOX: Auto delete VFS cache dir on startup
  • UWP/XBOX: Make resolution switching automatic and fix angle output issues
  • UWP/XBOX: Force ANGLE to render at 1080p regardless of screensize as the output is 1080p regardless of screensize. This fixes an issue where at 4k any angle output would be zoomed into a corner.
  • UWP/XBOX: Set resolution based on display resolution (auto 4k)
  • UWP/XBOX: Set driver to D3D11 if booting with opengl
  • UWP/XBOX: Reset width and height of output on boot to match display
  • UWP/XBOX: Mitigate need for VFS cores on NTFS drives
  • UWP/XBOX: Make check for standard I/O by access rather than the just assuming based on path string
  • UWP/XBOX: Add code to auto permissions so files can be accessed by non VFS cores (no exFAT or FAT32 support yet)

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Jun 21, 2020
United States
What exactly is the update procedure on the series x?
I've always had to reinstall Retroarch every time. Backup your games/saves/configs, etc then reinstall Retroarch. Unsure if they finally implemented an updater within Retroarch for Xbox yet.

I will add too, they have a lot of Xbox updates this time around which is great.
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Oct 10, 2009
United States
I've always had to reinstall Retroarch every time. Backup your games/saves/configs, etc then reinstall Retroarch. Unsure if they finally implemented an updater within Retroarch for Xbox yet.

I will add too, they have a lot of Xbox updates this time around which is great.
Where is the Retroarch config file for its settings located or must that be redone?

Sonic Angel Knight

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May 27, 2016
New York
United States
I didn't realize people use retroarch for netplay. I mean on steam you can just do steam remote play with friends. :ninja:

Anyway, I always wonder if they could just do something like get MUGEN on retroarch, or BEATS OF RAGE. Some other popular fan games. Would be nice, might get multiplatform releases.


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Nov 8, 2008
United States
I didn't realize people use retroarch for netplay. I mean on steam you can just do steam remote play with friends. :ninja:

Anyway, I always wonder if they could just do something like get MUGEN on retroarch, or BEATS OF RAGE. Some other popular fan games. Would be nice, might get multiplatform releases.
It's cool for older games like arcade or SNES.


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Apr 29, 2011
Dr. Wahwee's castle
United States
For Retroarch itself? The mapped drive goes to d, so I think it's normal. I tried using the cores folder on d, but no core would load. I heard someone tried to exploit the Xbox, so that may be why they changed it.

Well that's a stupid decision for them to make, they should revert it.
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