I NEED HELP. :'( DS screens got messed up.

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    Aug 15, 2011
    Ok here's what happened. My old DS phat's top screen wasn't working properly. This happened about a year ago. I decided not to do anything about it until today. I looked up some videos on how to open up my ds. I opened it up and there was a LOT of lint inside so I dusted it up. Then I was going to lift the motherboard to clean up any lint on the other side, but when I tried to pull out the strip for the touch scree, the little black piece on the bottom of the two tiny strips broke one of it's arms. I freaked out and tried to put it back into place. I closed it all up and when I turned it on, the same problem happened to both screens. Now they both are white and the touch screen isn't responsive.

    What did I do wrong? Was it because of that little piece? Or maybe I just didn't put the strip back in properly. Can anyone help? If that piece was the case then it doesn't matter. I will just look for a DSL at Cash Converters or the like, but I would prefer not to spend too much money on this.

    Thanks in advance for anything you can tell me.