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    Hey guys,
    today I thought of typing texts on my ds. I know there are text editors, but also I saw the htc keyboard, like the one from e. g. htc hero

    Pic: [​IMG]

    I think it must be possible to port this keyboard to a text editor for ds.
    But I haven't any knowledge in programming homebrews for ds. So, did some already try this?
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    I would say that anyone who could code a text editor would also be able to code the keyboard or modify an existing keyboard file to do so.
    I'm not sure what the Keyboard and Gear buttons on the lower left do, but I'm guessing that the 12# key works similarly to the Shift key but instead of q -> Q (shift) you get q -> 1 (12#). So essentially you'd design 3 keyboards and have the two buttons switch between them.
    1). qwertyuiop (Normal)
    2). QWERTYUIOP (Shift)
    3). 1234567890 (12#)

    The problem is, finding someone to actually code it, or modifying code yourself if the app is opensource.
    Alternatively, if the app is designed similarly, I think this would be (at least partially) possible already with BeUp since that has a configurable Keyboard ini file with Keys and Coordinates and Keyboard images.

    Looking at this it MIGHT be possible to add another keyboard for MSN with the following (so long as it's not disabled because it's not added):
    define "MSN"
    bitmap "Beup/keyboard/keyboard3.bmp"
    But then you'd still have to get at the keyboard files to add it to something else. Of course, Beup isn't opensource so that would be rather difficult.