How's the CycloDS card?

Discussion in 'CycloDS' started by blazingwolf, Dec 21, 2008.

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    I'm planning to sell my R4 for $100 and buy a new one. But I also thought about getting another flashcart since the R4 team is now retired and I still want support for newer releases just in case. So I looked to the CycloDS cart. How's the support on this card? I know the R4 team had a fix the day after a game was found not to work. Is the support similar to the R4 team? SDHC is also a plus, looking to a 4GB or 8GB card. Are there any nifty features to the CycloDS that might justify me spending more on an CycloDS card? I heard there is a slowdown feature which is nice, anything else that might be useful? The main thing is a R4 with a 2GB is only $22 on while an CycloDS card with a 2GB is $50. If I do sell my R4 for $100 and buy another R4 I get an extra $78, while if I got with the CycloDS I only have $50 left over. So is the CycloDS worth the extra money? Looking forward to your responses. Thanks.
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    The CycloDS is definitely the best card on the market right now. The only real complaint people have about the Cyclo is the price, which must be higher since the Cyclo is of better quality than all of the other flash cards. However, this does not apply to you since you are selling an R4 for $100, probably to someone who doesn't know its real value (absolutely nothing). Note this type of practice is generally frowned upon here and might result in you getting flamed.

    The CycloDS has many features over the R4, which include:
    - Slow Motion
    - Real Time Save
    - SDHC support
    - Wii Connectivity support
    - In-game text reader
    - Multi-save for the same game

    And it's team is very dedicated to releasing updates to fix any compatibility issues that may arise.
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    $100 for a used R4? Is that $US?! I'm with DeMoN, you'd best hope whoever you sell it to doesn't discover they got gouged. Why not just give it away to a friend? Then you've done something decent and you both can play a myriad of games together.