[How To] Softmod your Xbox with Action Replay (For Dummies)

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    I looked all over the internet and really have found -old- ways to do it with -old- software with broken links but nothing current. I know there's probably little to no demand for this, but oh well! :D

    This is my attempt at a "Current" Xbox softmod. I will be using Mechassault, so switch out "MA" for whichever version you have in the instructions.

    [ Physical Materials Needed ]
    -Original Xbox running dashboard D:1.00.5960.01.
    -Action Replay Disc
    -USB -> Xbox Memory Card Cord (From Action Replay Kit)
    -Xbox Memory Card (From Action Replay Kit)
    -MechAssault (Serial #MS02301L on inner ring), Splinter Cell (Any Original), or 007 Agent Under Fire (Serial #1448517)
    -A computer running Windows XP -OR- Virtual Windows XP (and XP disc/Iso & Product Code) within Windows Vista/7/8/10

    Getting Linux on your Xbox (Softmodding)
    On your Windows XP Machine:
    (If you don't have Windows XP, you may install XP virtually - see green section below)

    Step 1: Download the Linux installer (aka Ndure Installer) for the game you have.

    Link to files: (Is this allowed? If not, edit it out.)
    File Names:
    Krayzie_007_Ndure_Installer_v1.0.rar (for 007)
    Krayzie_MA_Ndure_Installer_v1.0.rar (For MechAssault)
    Krayzie_SC_NTSC_Ndure_Installer_v1.1.rar (For Splitercell)

    Step 2: Insert Xbox Memory Card into "USB -> Xbox Memory Card" Cord... and USB cord into the PC


    Step 3: Install the action replay software and open


    Step 4: Open the Ndure installer in WinRar / Your choice of Un-Rar-er program

    Step 5: Open the folder to find 2 folders and a file inside. MA Save, Rescue Disc, and readme.txt.

    Step 6: Open MA Save to find udata.zip. Drag udata.zip to PC Database in the middle column of the Action Replay program.


    Step 7: Scroll down to MechAssault (Or your appropriate game) and see "Run Linux" as a code.

    At this point, if you are not on Windows XP, you won't be able to continue.

    Step 8: Drag "Run Linux" over to Data Tel on the left column, wait for it to finish.


    Step 9: Put the Xbox memory card into the controller


    Step 10: Turn Xbox on and go to Memory Unit on the Xbox

    Step 11: Go to Mech Assault, hit RIGHT, then hit "Copy to Xbox Hard Drive". Let it finish.

    Step 12: Put in Mech Assault Game. It will load.

    Step 13: Hit Campaign, and then "Run Linux" when it comes up.


    Step 14: A new window will pop up with the loader information.

    Step 15: Hit the first option "Make a backup". Hit "Yes". Hit "Ok".


    Step 16: Hit "Backup EEPROM". After it's done hit "Return to main menu"


    Step 16: Hit the second option "Install Ndure Softmod". It gives you the option for .06 or .67.

    OPTION 1: .06: Use this if you have a default XBox hard drive or a small hard drive
    OPTION 2: .67: Use this if you have a LARGE hard drive (250GB)

    Step 17: It lets you choose between 2 dashboards. I went with Evolution X. Pick whichever one you think is prettier. (UnleashX pic not mine)


    Step 18: Keep hitting "Yes" "Ok" and follow the on screen instructions! :3

    You can now run backups or put things on your hard drive and run them!

    Putting things on your hard drive
    Step 1: Connect your xbox to your router via Ethernet Cable (Sometimes called Cat5/Cat6)
    Step 2: Install Filezilla
    Step 3: Open Modded Xbox Dashboard. Note the IP address. (Usually 198.x.x.x)
    Step 4: Under IP, put your IP address from the dashboard.
    Step 5: Put username xbox, password xbox, and port 21. Connect.
    Step 6: The right column will show letters. C:\ D:\ E:\ etc. Find your xbox! Open it to view the file-structure of your Xbox. Install programs/emulators/etc as you see fit.

    Making your Xbox an entertainment BEAST!

    Dont screw around with repositories that dont work or the add on option that isnt there. This is the quickest and easiest way to get the programs you need!

    Step 1: Download Xbox Media Center 3.5 ( http://digiex.net/downloads/downloa...pps-tools/14068-xbmc-4-xbox-3-5-download.html ) Filename: XBMC4XBOX-3.5-RC2.zip
    Step 2: FTP your xbox, head to E:\Apps\. Make a new folder called XBMC
    Step 3: Drag everything from XBMC4XBOX-3.5-RC2.zip to XBMC.
    Step 4: Launch Xbox, go to Applications, then select XBMC. If it shows up, great! We can continue. If not, may be want to try and reinstall.
    Step 5: Download Total Installer for xbox ( http://totalxbmc.tv/new-forum/index.php?topic=2240.0 ) Filename: plugin.program.totalinstaller4Xbox.zip
    Step 6: On the xbox go to Programs and addons4xbox
    Hit Install from zip file.
    Select plugin.program.totalinstaller4xbox.zip in \plugins\ (or wherever you saved it)
    It should be installed.
    Step 7: On the xbox, open up Programs, select TotalInstaller
    Step 8: Select Xbox Compatible, Category that you like (Ex: Video)
    Step 9: Select the program you want to install. Example, WatchCartoonOn. Click Install.
    Step 10: It will install, then back out to Videos in the main menu. Click Video Plugins
    Step 11: Enjoy!

    IF YOU GET SCRIPT ERRORS: Try rebooting xbox. Sometimes it runs out of memory and gives error.

    OPTIONAL: Running XP Virtually on Vista/7/8/10:
    It's not as hard as it looks, trust me... Setting up Windows 95/98/ME off of a floppy disc with DOS is MUCH harder, LOL

    Setting Stuff Up
    Step 1: Download VirtualBox AND the expansion pack (For USB2.0) ( https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads ). Install both.
    Step 2: Open VirtualBox. Name: XP, Type: Windows, Version: Windows XP 32bit. Hit "next"
    Step 3: Ram: 512MB "Next"
    Step 4: Create a Virtual Hard Drive Now "Next"
    Step 5: Virtual Hard Disc "Next"
    Step 6: Dynamically Allocated "Next"
    Step 7: 2GB "Create"

    Putting the Windows XP ISO/CD into the virtual CD drive
    Step 1: Click Settings
    Step 2: Click Storage
    Step 3: Click the green + Icon in front of a blue floppy disc
    Step 4: Click Add CD/DVD Device
    Step 5: Click Choose Disc
    Step 6: Select WindowsXP.iso
    Step 7: Click Ok
    Step 8: Hit Start. Your virtual machine will pop up.

    Installing XP
    Step 1: Windows will start installation. Press "Enter" when it asks to set up Windows XP.Step 2: Press F8 to agree to the ToS.
    Step 3: Press "C" to create a partition (This lets windows use the HD)
    Step 4: Press "Enter" to agree to the default size (We picked 2gb remember?)
    Step 5: Press Enter again to agree
    Step 6: Select the top option "format NTSF (Quick)"
    Step 7: Wait 5-10 minutes or so
    Step 8: Regional Options will pop up. Just hit Next.
    Step 9: Type in "XP" under name and hit Next.
    Step 10: Type in your XP Product Code. It must match the same ISO. (Example: XP Home SP2 iso must match XP Home SP2 code)
    Step 11: Computer's default name is okay, hit Next
    Step 12: Any time is okay, hit Next.
    Step 13: Wait 3-5 minutes or so. Networking settings comes up. Click "Next"
    Step 14: Wait 3-6 minutes. It might say "Press any key to boot from CD". DO NOT PRESS ANY KEYS AT THIS TIME.Step 15: Windows XP will boot. It might adjust resolution/display settings. Click "Okay" if it asks this.
    Step 16: A Fancy dancy window will pop up. Click Next
    Step 17: Click "Not right now" to windows updates, and Next.
    Step 18: Click "Yes this computer will be directly connected to the internet" and Next.
    Step 19: Do you want to activate windows now? Click "NO" and next.
    Step 20: Enter "XP" under name, then Next.
    Step 21: Click Finish
    Step 22: Enjoy that sweet, sweet startup sound.

    Get things working in XP
    Step 1: Click "Devices" then "USB Devices" then "Datatel Max Memory"
    Step 2: Click "Devices" then "CD/DVD Devices" then "Host Drive E:/" (Your E may be a different letter no worries)
    Step 3: Go through the setup from the CD to install the Action Replay.
    Step 4: Continue as normal from step 4 in the above blue section!
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    Oct 11, 2011
    Please fix your font colours.
    Kinda hard to see on the dark theme.
    Other then that, cheers on beating me to it.

    Was planning on making a tut as well ;p
  3. Tom Bombadildo

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    Jul 11, 2009
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    I forgot
    Done :P
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  4. Cait

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    Sep 19, 2008
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    D: all my formatting removed too..

    oh well. I'll do it later.

    Added how to install programs as well. Spent a good chunk of last night and today sifting through old stuff before finally finding the one thing that works nowadays! :3
  5. Sicklyboy

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    [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]
    Good tutorial, dude! One thing I'll say not necessarily about your tutorial but softmodding the xbox in general was I had quite a hard time finding valid downloads or downloads that actually ran when I tried to do this last year. But as DinohScene hopefully remembers, I'm pretty sure that Xbox was out to get me. Not a single thing worked right with it. I still won.
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  6. overlord00

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    Sep 12, 2009
    What about the ability for DIY usb-to-memorycard adapters?
    That's the way I did it back in the day.

    You basically figure out the ID of the USB and put that into a config file for the action replay somewhere. The DIY-usb adapter is seen as a regular/genuine AR adapter. It's cheaper, easy to do and a fun little project.
  7. dilav

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    Nov 22, 2006
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    to add to overlord post^
    AR software and driver modifying is not required anymore with USB flash drives as memory cards.
    After finding a compatible flash drive and letting xbox format it to FATX you can use Xplorer360 or Party Buffalo Drive Explorer to move the save file over.
  8. SickPuppy

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    That's the way I did my xbox, made my own usb flash drive adapter cable and I was in business.
  9. gudenau

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    Jul 7, 2010
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    I have aid/sid from a while ago. I think it is the latest one. I also made a USB->xBox adapter.
  10. SickPuppy

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    Jul 29, 2009
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    SID 5.11 and Xplorer360 is what I used.
  11. Robfozz

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    Apr 19, 2014
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    geez anyone know a cheaper way to get these memory card controller cords? Theyre like $30 on ebay
    Edit: Nevermind its a scam, just get a USB cable that plugs into the controller port. Same thing but you can buy it for $2
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  12. tech3475

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    Jun 12, 2009
    I was able years ago to get the xplosive 'lite' version working by using datels drivers.

    Alternatively, check if you can use an alternative hack such as the USB drive/cable adapter or the IDE hotswap technique (not recommended though).
  13. FatherFingLing

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    May 8, 2017
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