How to run .BIN / .NDS on nds?

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    How to run .BIN / .NDS on nds?

    New member here, and I just wanna ask how do you run .bin / .nds files on a nds? I downloaded gta but it just says it can't access some files.
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    We need more information about your used setup to be able to help you.
    Namely which flashcard you use, how you formated the SD card (used program and which format), if the SD card is compatible with your flashcard (do you use a SDXC card in a flashcard that dosn't support it?), where/how you installed the kernel on your flashcard (and if it's the right kernel for the right flashcard), if the used .nds files work on emulators on a PC or phone or not. Beside that it could be that you use a fake flashcard (they cloned/faked the hell out of the R4. It's ridiculous) e.g. you maybe use the offical R4 kernel on a R4 fake instead of the kernel that came with your flashcard (to test this you should try to use the kernel that came with your flashcard).
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    1. What flash card are you using?
    2. What system are you using your flash card with?
    3. What kernel/firmware are you using on your flash card?
    4. Have you fully updated your flash card's kernel/firmware?
    5. What exactly does the error message say when you try to run GTA?
    6. Have you attempted to run the ROM you have downloaded through an emulator on your PC? It doesn't matter if you can't emulate NDS games well, it's just to see if the ROM actually works.
    7. You cannot run .bin files on a flash card.
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    You can run nds on TWLOADER (extremely low compatibility) or use an R4.
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    People seem to be missing the bolded part. You need a DS flashcart. Since its on an NDS, pretty much any will do. You also need an SD cart formatted to FAT to put roms (the .nds files) on, and the software for the flashcart.