How to properly transfer CFW features and CIAs from Old 3DS XL to New 3DS XL

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    My goal is to move everything from an Old 3DS XL w/ Luma CFW to the latest model correctly. Should I get a New 3DS of an earlier firmware version for the sake of installing Luma CFW before my system transfer or just go ahead and grab one from Gamestop? Would that be a mistake because there is no way to install CFW on ‎11.5.0-38? BTW, what else would a new 3DS require if I wanted to stream video from it without having a capture card? Thanks for your time.
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    If you already have a CFW 3DS then you can get one on any firmware and do DSiWare hax if required. Once the N3DS is hacked you just have to restore the tickets to make pirated games show up again. You can either back them up on the source and restore on the target using GodMode9 or you can just install tikShop and let it install every available ticket (this will work of all your games are ones available on the titlekeys database).