How to: openSSH and iphones

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    If there is a theme you want to change of a deb file you want to install, this is what you want

    Firstly you need a jailbroken device, if you haven't yet jailbroken then look at this thread Complete jailbreak guide

    What is "SSH"?

    What SSHing your iphone/ipod touch is, is the ability to copy/move files to and from your device, in this Guide I will explain how to use it and how to install it. SSH stands for secure shell and can be use for remote access and executing commands to a computer (or iphone/ipod touch) miles away.



    There are a number of different SSH programs, personally I use WinSCP found here, installation is completely straightforward and all that is required to install is to run the file "winscp427setup.exe". When install is complete you can leave the program for now.


    I don't own a mac but from what I have looked at a program named "cyberduck" is better than the already built in SSH client bundled with the mac OS, it can be found here

    Iphone/Ipod touch


    Search on Cydia "OpenSSH" , i program with the above icon will show up download and reboot your idevice (sorry anybody with tethered jailbreaks, just run redsn0w or Blackra1n again)

    I recommend having SBsettings as well to turn SSH on and off.

    Now run WinSCP. This screen will appear


    To find your host name go to settings -> wi-fi tap on the network you are currently using and copy the IP address into the host name box.


    For the user-name and password boxes

    User-name: root
    Password: alpine

    When you login you have succesfully SSHed your device [​IMG]

    For Macs To be updated if anyone can help me with screenshots and a how to

    Changing the password to protect your device
    redmond pie

    This is what's written
    (Into mobile terminal, search it on Cydia + reboot [​IMG] )

    Thanks to:

    >>Geohot and Iphone dev-team for jailbreak