Hacking How to Mod an Evo to Make the MicroSD Flush


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Nov 16, 2006
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In this thread, c2ironfist was asking about how you can modify a CycloDS Evo Black so that the microSD card doesn't stick out.

I was able to mod my Evo to have the microSD card sit deeper into the flascard. The only reason why the microSD card sticks out is because the microSD slot was placed too far towards the top of the Evo. All I had to do was to unsolder the microSD slot, move it back a little, resolder it, and shave some plastic off the case.

He sent me this PM which I wanted to share with everyone interested in doing this mod. I've made comments where applicable.

QUOTE said:
Hi IBNobody

Thanks for the quick reply. Just to be clear on how to do things, there are four sides.Â

15-30w Solder Iron
Desoldering Wick or Braid (not sure which is which)
Solder (thin wire LED?? anyways its thin very small)
A 15w iron is preferred. You don't want to overheat the microSD slot and melt the internal plastic.

Wick/Braid is the same. You want thin wick and thin solder. Tin-lead solder works the best.

Here's the novice rule of soldering:
If this is your first time soldering/desoldering, practice on something else first.

QUOTE said:
Top: where the microSD card slides in,
Left: Has one solder point
Right: Has one solder point
Bottom:Â Has multiple solder points 10 in total from the image in this link




Top side:Â Leave alone nothing there
Left side:Â desolder that one blob of solder there
Right side: desolder that one blob of solder there
Bottom:Â desolder all 10 points and then move until flush with flashcard

Once flush

Left Side:Â Solder back blob
Right Side: Solder back blob
Bottom side:Â then solder back all 10 solder points
cut plastic to fit case
That's pretty much it. You're just pulling the slot off and scooting it back.

The two single-solder-points on the right and left sides are what I call retention tabs. They only exist to keep the microSD slot flush with the PWB.

One thing I'd suggest doing is sticking your fingernail up into the microSD slot while you're trying to desolder the retention tabs. You can then apply upwards force against the microSD slot, allowing you to lift the retention tabs away from their solder blobs.

Also, when using wick, if you add solder to the joint you want to desolder, you can desolder the joint easier. The solder helps transmit heat from the iron to the joint. If you practice before using it, you'll see what I mean.

Question and Cautions:
- Is there anything I should watch out for or becareful with while handling the PCB?
- Is 15W enough to desolder and solder without damaging the PCB?
There are two things you need to watch out for.
1. ESD - Be sure you're grounded. Otherwise, you're likely to zap the flashcard. If your house has metal pipes, the cold water pipe should be grounded. Do a google search about grounding.
2. Be careful with the iron. Don't slip up and hit another component.

15W is fine. Just remember to apply extra solder to the joint you want to desolder.

Really, the hardest problem I had was shaving the case down. I was paranoid about running my hobby knife through the bottom or side of the plastic case. Caution is your friend, and there's no such thing as being "too slow".

I'll post some pictures on Monday. I don't have a good ESD-safe workstation at home, and I don't want to risk zapping my Evo.

- N


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Nov 27, 2007

I guess for those like myself who are only happy when things are the way they want, this is a perfect solution to making the microSD flush with their flashcard.

Thanks for posting the info... appreciate the time your taking to explain the process to us.

Edit: I've read everything sounds like good clear info, now just to prepare myself for the operation lol....
again thanks IBNobdy



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Nov 27, 2007
I started at 10:15am this morning
and..... I just finished now which is 1:55pm

I was having a hard time with desoldering and lifting the MicroSD board off the chip... took several attemps without cracking or breaking the flashcard..

Once I got it off.. I had an even harder time figuring out why it wouldn't go back on and why there was lift... then I realized there was still solder left on I had to clean off..

Once that was clean I managed to get the microSD slot flat on the chip.

so the hard part was soldering everything back on, you had blogs of solder that wouldn't stay on the tiny tiny connector.. I got frustrated but managed to finish.

I put it back together and modified my casing slightly.... I put it in the DS and the tough part was the DS couldn't read it :'(

I nearly cried at that point spending so much time and realizing that I would have wasted roughly 100$ on everything.

So I took it back out and looked at it again.... I carefully checked each connector to see if they were soldered on correctly. So I did that again checking if each connector was separate as well from another.

I put it back together and then booted it up... and to my surprise and relief.... it worked and the microSD card was FLUSH!!

So I thought... was this worth the trouble... I then thought YES!!! as picky as I am I'd rather have a flashcard that was flush then have one that wasn't... big gamble but it paid off at the end!!!

I'd just like to say this was extremely hard for me.. as this was my first solder job and desoldering job. I was inexperienced but... with a huge amount of determination along with plenty of accidental burns from the solder iron...I did it!!

Recommend doing this to those who are experienced and skilled as it was really tough. You either have to be crazy like me to attempt it with no soldering experience at all.

Just want to thank IBNobody again for helping me out with the whole thing.. wouldn't have been able to do it without his guidence

Now I'm gonna get cleaning up and back to study lol



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