How to get White Joycons (Including UI)

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    Dec 29, 2015
    • Money (Roughly $20-30)
    • Existing JoyCons (or cheap used joycons from ebay e.t.c)
    • (optional) Windows 10
    • Tri-Wing Screwdriver (for opening joycon)
    • Philips Screwdriver (for inside joycon)
    1. Purchase White Shells
      Personally I went for Amazon as stuff like Ali-Express and Ebay aren't great for quality.
      These are the exact shells I bought from, you can probably find the same one on e.t.c

    2. Replace your current JoyCon shell with the new ones
      You could also purchase new cheap used joycons from ebay, perhaps even slightly broken/bent/dirty/e.t.c and re-use them to spare money!
      Myriann's Official Video (receive this link upon purchase):
      - When your tightening the 2 screws near the R/ZR and L/ZL do NOT tighten it fully. Tighten it almost loosely. Otherwise your -/+ buttons will be extremely stiff, almost unpressable.
      - When taking apart the ZL/ZR buttons, be extremely careful not to break it off or the 2 springs will fly out possibly into your eye or never to be seen again. Mine sprang so far I was looking for it for 30 minutes, couldn't find it, Packed it up with the 1 spring I had left, (was still working) and then found it literally inside my iFix-It toolkit where the screw-top-bits go in.
      - Remember when putting in the buttons that they are the right orientation and position, otherwise for example, B will be where A is e.t.c
      - The reviews on Amazon note about - and + buttons being too stiff/flush with the case, this is NOT true. They tightened the screws too much like I explained in Tip 1.

    3. Change the UI color of your JoyCons on the Joycon Firmware
      Download @CTCaer 's tool here, this allows you to edit the UI colors. instructions are on the thread.

    4. Done!
      You now have 100% white joycons as if they are from the factory!
      Only difference between these and official ones if they ever get released, is a different material, somewhat better quality, and FCC notes e.t.c on the back of the joycons.
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    I’ve done this to my switch they look great! With UI colours too. I was surprised to see in 1,2 Switch the joycon colours change in game too!

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    How do you know the quality is better on amazon compared to ebay or aliexpress?
    Which ebay listing should we stay away from?

    Because I would assume it's all from the same factory.
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    Where do you think the people selling them on Amazon get them from?
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    I'm looking into getting the dbrand stickers for the console and joycons so I can get full white switch

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    Usually aliexpress would go for very cheap materials and are super slow at delivering
    ebay is realtively the same, they could have bought from aliexpress or made their own with cheap shit
    The amazon one I linked I bought and can confirm is pretty good quality, feels relatively the same as the original joycons.

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    They also sell a backplate. But they dont give stuff like gamecard as white. But you could ship it down to places online that would drip paint it or do it yourself, take it off, get some newspaper and carefully spray paint a thin white cover.
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    Stuff from AliExpress is slow because itsi coming from China and they usually don't charge you shipping iirc. The shit on Amazon is often the same as eBay and AliExpress if it isn't a really big brand, and a lot of cheap electronics and third party stuff is usually more on Amazon because they've had to import it and their factoring that anf shipping speed into the price (even if you also have to pay shipping). Generic electronics (including headphones, cables, chargers, adapters, some 3rd party controllers, cheap microphones, etc.) is often just rebranded wholesale stuff you can source for significantly cheaper if you have the patience. It's all being built for cheap in Chinese factories (out of the same or similar materials) but a lot of resellers know that people are either ignorant or want their stuff right away so they charge you twice (or more!) as much.
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    $20, Amazon Warranty, Way Faster shipping (4 days ish for Ireland and around 2 for UK compared to like 2 months maybe 3 from anywhere else), take my money.
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    I don't think aliexpress is slow at all :), but hey i'm happy to live as DPRK embassador in the country with best chink service now :D
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    @TheRedfox: what about the time between ordering and dispatch? From AliExpress that’s probably the longest wait.