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    Sep 20, 2005
    For those who doesn't want to wait for the official cheat database update or want to use their own cheat file on certain game(s)
    make a .dht cheat file for each game you want custom cheats on

    Note: No Game ID is needed

    1. open Notepad , see pic and ignore anything after the ; it's just for comments on how to make the .dht file
    2. type anything on the 1st line and push Enter 2 times to make an empty line (example: type the name of the game)*
    3.^ type a cheat code name and put the words in brackets [ ] and push Enter (example: [Zoom to saved Location] )
    4. copy and paste the cheat code and push Enter 2 times to make an empty line (separate each cheat code with an empty line)
    5. repeat steps 3 and 4 if inputting more than 1 cheat code
    6. click on File>Save As.. and choose All Files (*.*) next to Save as type:
    7. type a filename with .dht at the end and save it anywhere in your microsd
    8. boot up M3Sakura/Touchpod/Kaura , goto game setting and click Select Cheat File.. and choose the .dht file, see pic on how the long cheat code description looks like in M3Sakura

    ^M3Sakura could display only about ~40 characters in length for a cheat code name, if you need to display a longer description on how to activate the cheat code, put the detailed descriptions in curley brackets { } of about ~40 characters on each line followed by the cheat code name with no empty line in between, see pic above Touchpod could display about 62 characters and Kaura has no limit

    *reasons for entering anything on the 1st line is because M3Sakura might not able to display the 1st cheat code or has no effect when enabled, last line is not needed anymore

    To associate .dht files with notepad for easier access:
    double click on the .dht file and it should say "Windows can't open this file:"
    choose "Select a program from a list of installed programs" and choose Notepad then click OK
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