How to backup the save files of retail Pokémon games?

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    I'm sure this has been discussed before, but for the life of me, I can't find the proper info.
    I have a Gateway card, a 9.4 emuNAND, and an 8.1 sysNAND. I'm not using downgraded 4.5 anymore because I couldn't load my 6.x non-512kb retail save files on sysNAND 4.5.

    So is there any way at all to backup the save files from a retail Pokémon cartridge through savedatafiler?
    Or is savedatafiler only usable for save files that have been created on Gateway?

    My save files only load properly on sysNAND, and as far as I know sysNAND can't load savedatafiler since it's an unsigned .cia or something (or maybe it's just my copy of savedatafiler that's crappy?) I even tried dumping the Pokémon games, loading them on emuNAND on GW Mode, and trying to back up the save files through savedatafiler, but the "CTR" thing appears as "broken".

    I'd really appreciate any help. Thanks :)
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