How do I install moonshell on my DSTT?

Discussion in 'DSTT' started by Random_user, Jul 17, 2008.

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    Jul 7, 2008
    I'm a complete beginner, the only thing I know about moonshell is that is plays videos. Can you guys provide step by step instructions on how to install it and how to play videos with moonshell? thanks.

    A few questions:

    1.I've found the guide(so no worries) on moonshell here,however, I didn't get the part about playing the videos.
    How do we put them onto the SD card(do we just drag to the root, or do we put it somewhere in the moonshell folder, or something else?)

    2.Also, I've just installed moonshell on my SD has installed ''moonshl'' as a folder and a whole other bunch of files on the root(some of these files are _BOOT_MP.NDS, Moonshell_ESWD_MOON_Ewin2.nds,Moonshell_AUTOPATCH_Default(No interface).nds) are these meant to be on the root? Will it cause the DSTT to freeze or crash(like when all the games are on the root)?

    3.One more..(sorry)...can moonshell actually be supported by DSTT?I deleted it all from the SD card and setup again.I found that you have to ''hit all clear next to ROM image and then tick the one that represents your Slot-1/Slot-2 adapter, e.g. if you have an EZ-Flash V, tick only EZ5S_MOON EZ Flash 5 (SD Card)''. But I can't find anything resembling DSTT.

    4.Ok..another If it can be supported by DSTT, what is the name of the file under ''ROM image'' in the setup?

    Sorry if this is confusing.
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    A few data files/folders on the root won't cause your DSTT to crash, but you can put the entire "moonshl" folder inside a "data" folder (Moonshell will search both "root/moonshl" and "root/data/moonshl" for its data). Most homebrew will allow you to put the data in the "data" folder (some require it at the root). Put "MoonShell.nds" inside your "homebrew" (or whatever you've named it) folder.

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    Downloading anything from the Official DSTT web site as of lately is impossible!