Hounds Online: The Last Hope

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    May 27, 2015
    Netmarble EMEA and Reborn Games present: Hounds: The Last Hope
    Hounds is a free to play online shooter game with unlimited action with Co-op and PvP features. You might have played many online games but not like this. This time your enemies are not from another city or country but from outer space, zombie-like creatures. Are you brave enough to face possible dangers?

    When it comes to zombies, you clearly know that they are all flesh-eaters and now they are in your world as a dangerous race, which is hard to kill. Though, you will have your customizable and new generation weapon kit, you are supposed to be clear in shots. Hounds offer you a team play with your friends to enjoy all moment you can have as well as a story mode. When you are in, you are expected to defend the world with what you get. If ready, come alone or build your team to be a hero in Hounds World.
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