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Aug 9, 2016
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  • fypho: hey
    fypho: i heard you use homebrew
    Cooroxd: not just homebrew, also custom firmware (cfw)
    fypho: How do i stop using homebrew and keep my save
    fypho: every time i load the game without homebrew everythings gone
    Cooroxd: what game?
    fypho: animal crossing
    Cooroxd: is it a cartridge or digital?
    fypho: cartridge
    Cooroxd: what firmware are you running your 3ds?
    fypho: 11.0
    Cooroxd: are you using JK's save manager to inject the save file ?
    fypho: yeah
    Cooroxd: So does the game read the injected savefile?
    fypho: yeah
    fypho: it loads my town and the changes
    fypho: but when i play it without doing that it's a brand new town
    Cooroxd: so the changes work
    fypho: yeah
    fypho: it loads everything
    Cooroxd: but when you turn off and on the 3ds and run the game, it stops working?
    fypho: yeah
    Cooroxd: so does the game say "corrupted save file" or something?
    fypho: nope
    fypho: it's like it's a brand new game
    Cooroxd: ya I don't understand why the save file is not sticking
    fypho: hmm
    Cooroxd: ya, i don't have problem with mine being that way. If injected save file incorrectly, the game would say save data corrupted and it will automatically delete it and make new one
    fypho: hmm
    Cooroxd: but you game pretends the save file never existed
    fypho: yeah
    Cooroxd: i honestly don't know how to solve it. You can try posting on gbatemp.net
    fypho: it says Move in and stuff

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