Homebrew not functioning

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    Apr 4, 2015
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    I will try 2 keep this simple guys....

    I recently just installed the Homebrew channel on my Wii version 4.3 I dont know much about hacking, or anything. I followed all directions online, and still cant get it off the ground.

    I have a 2GB Kodak SD card. However, my computer(HP s5503) doesnt have a SD slot. So what I've been doing is lodak the SD card onot my digital camera, and then have the download added to the SD card that way.

    I've downloaded all necessary programs. Cios, USBLoader, Wad Manager, IOS236, and a few more. I really just need the USB loader, to load my USB on the Wii. Anyway, the programs DONT show up in the Homebrew channel. IOS236 does, but it doesnt load, neither does the WAD manager. The Wad manager just says DUMP and something else. If I click the USB loader, that also doesnt show, but after it fails it takes me to the Homebrew launcher. It is there that I can see ALL of the programs. Still, none of them load, or freeze.

    Im not sure if its my SD card, me formatting through a digital camera through my computer, or both. Or if its none of it, and Im just making a mistake somewhere. Any help would be appreciated, cause im not savvy with this at all.