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Sep 22, 2015
This is in a form of request and as a concept. Hence its not done.

Hello there guys yesterday i just saw a minecraft youtube video that had an interesting game in it that looked like a great stand alone game. It functions like chess and supports 2-4 people. The whole game is a turn based game that revolves around a golden block in the middle that the king has to step on to win. There are 3 units in the game. The king that moves in 4 directions, the knight that moves in the 4 directions aswell and the guard that moves diagnaly. Every unit can attack the same direction as they move. Also there are trees in the game that can be randomised or moved for ones liking at the start of the game. Trees function as obstacles but also as safeguards since a knight that makes it up to the gold block allows a tree to be moved and be put on it. A knight on a tree is able to attack but not to be attacked.

I would love to see this as a stand alone game for the 3ds as it would be really fun yet challenging. I want to start it myself but my coding knowledge is limited to basic basic stuff, so i would like every help possible. If someone else wants to tackle the project and make it a finished game its completely fine by me and i would like to provide you with every help possible. That said here is the youtube video it came off if people want to check it out for themselves and a minecraft map for download for a more personalised and informed perspective.


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