Homebrew for 3ds 11.4.0-37

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    May 25, 2017
    Hello everyone i am new to all this hacking and all this custom firmware and anything related to the 3ds
    so i updated my 3ds version to 11.4 from 11.3 and i just noticed till now that they patched the soundhax
    my 3ds has never been hacked its just a completely normal 3ds and i was wondering if there was anyway i can install the homebrew launcher on my 3ds 11.4
    since i do not have much knowledge and if i have to downgrade can anybody tell me the required steps or any alternative method since some methods of installing homebrew requires games like ORAS or SMD and i saw the latest version of boots9strap but unfortunately it said i need any 1 of the any 4 games required so is there anyway i can hack my 3ds?
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    You need a second 3ds with a cfw to mod yours. That 3ds also needs to have one if these games installed on it: https://3ds.guide/installing-boot9strap-(dsiware-game-injection-list). This is your fault for not doing research before updating. You could have installed all this even without downgrading if you didn't update.