homebrew channel without ninjahax (possibly .cia?)(DOES IT EXIST)

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    as the thread title asks does this exist? i know a while back someone got the homebrew channel launching as a .cia but couldnt boot any .3dsx files IM NOT ASKING FOR a link but im asking if this exists somewhere for me to grab as i would like to not have to set up ninjahax for a few homebrew games that i otherwise cant use (though some of them are tempting) i just feel its unessisary for the average gateway user to need to boot a damn game to run a homebrew loader after having to boot into emunand in the first place i figured someone would have found a way by now
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    The .cia you mentioned doesn't actually load, and a few of the 3ds devs have said it CAN'T work, as the hbmenu uses a custom service that gets created through ninjhax specifically. And if you think it's unfair that your free ninjhax is slightly inconvenient, you could always just install your homebrews to the home menu as .cias instead, or maybe actually buy the game! :D
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    As Vappy already mentioned, the cia version of HB Menu some of us have built indeed does work BUT you can't do anything with it except run it.

    As soon as you try to load any homebrew apps or even exit it, it freezes the system up so you have to hard shutdown the system with the power button.

    That aside if you want to mess with the cia version it isn't hard to build it from source and convert the elf to .3ds/.cia.

    Or you could just do what Vappy said and install your homebrews straight to the home menu itself bypassing the need for ninjhax/cubic ninja altogether. :)
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    Are we all to presume now the Smealum Ninjhax hack is now all dead and buried? Cause I don't see any updates appearing or notices from the man himself about working on 9.4 or anytime in the future, it seems like it has now all been brushed under the carpet, so to speak as a bit of an embarrassment or something!
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    Smealum said that he is busy working out the kinks of the 3DS and has no plans to expand Ninjhax until he has everything he needs. He finished working out the GPU and other things, so I expect region locking to be undone next. He is working on the other things so it'd be easier to work with 9.4 and have all the kinks already worked out.
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    No point in him doing any more work on the exploit, Gateway will do it, I'd rather see the 3DS libraries improving so we get better and more relevant homebrews...
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