Hacking Hi I'm on 4.0... ^^

Should I update to 4.2?

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May 28, 2009
Hi All, again.

I've got a question.

At the moment I'm on Wii version 4.0,
and I'm maybe going to buy New Super Mario Bros, and the Wii Sports Resort game... and putting it on my backup loader.

Anyway, that works all fine.
Now I've read about the problem 4.1 was fixing with Wii Sport Resort.
And now I guess its almost time to UPDATE my Consoles. (I've got 2 Wii's)

Anyway, because I'm kinda lazy I first want to know if the upgrade is worth it.
I mean, are new games going to ask me to update to 4.2 later on?
And will the next firmware be hacked, it will ofcourse but well...
The big problem is for updating, I just read the tutorial... and it was like so much work.

I've to update manually, modify, I don't remember all that work when I upgraded from 3.3 tot 4.0...
It was easier, and I didn't have to remove CIOSes.

So my big lazy question would be, is updating going to become any easier if I wait for 4.3??
Or should I update now, while I can, even if its alot of work again?

Sorry for my lazyness, but this is the first time I probally may not update through Nintendo? Or May I? Oh Wait! Nintendo was sending buggy software?
Or is that over yet? Sorry I've been quite bussy for the past months..
Or is 4.3 already out? I would like to earn some points anyway. And get free VC games.

Well thats the bigggggg question....


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