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    Howdy! Long time lurker, I have to admit I've used quite a few tutorials and such from this site ever since I stumbled on it a while back. Decided to plop onto the forums and get to know the community some more!

    A little bit about me, I absolutely love looking around at the homebrew community and I'm looking to eventually start getting involved myself, particularly looking at the WiiU as of last week (considering I just bought one!). I'm a BIG retro\vintage console gamer and collector. Got a nice little collection of 29 consoles built up so far! Other than the WiiU I'm pretty much done with any current generation and onward consoles. Other than being a collector I've started dabbling with speedrunning, with my main focus right now being Super Monkey Ball 2.

    Outside of gaming related stuff I'm just a busy college student who happens to love music, both making and listening.

    Glad to be on the forums finally! Big shout out and thanks to asper for the translated "Full vWii Softmod" thread.
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    Welcome to the forum
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    Welcome to GBAtemp :)