Here's a sad thought.... (Digital-delivered only games)...

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    So, here's a sad thought. I am an old school gamer and enjoy playing my retro systems. I enjoy having a large collection of games and finding new ones to play. Even better, finding them cheap at a yard sale, discounted, etc... and for my older systems.

    So it strikes me that with the adoption of DLC and digital only titles delivered through vendor shops, the idea of a "Videogame Collection" will pretty much be over and not creatable when a vender closes shop on a console and its games.

    It's going to be the type of situation where you have to find a console with all the games you want on it, not buy a used console and buy some used or clearance games.

    This is a separate thought from the "how digital only and no used games affect resellers, and used games market" and more about how this model affects those of us who love the systems and games and want to collect them and their games.

    Anyway, just a thought.... I'm sure I'm not the only one to have it, and I know that the vendors could potentially open the systems, or release games into the public domain, or something, but that's unlikely as they would just port them to the new system. And yes, someone could eventually hack the system, but again, that requires a lot of effort and is no guarantee, and no guarantee of finding games to distribute. And a final yes, there are emulations and ports on newer systems, but there's something about playing a release on the original console, especially if you owned it and played on it a fair bit.

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    It seems you opened Steam for the first time on your computer, congratulations.
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