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    I recently bought a EZFlash 3-in-1 from "Site of Dubious DS Flash Carts", and so far it's worked quite nice except for the whole Saving issue..... Oh and I'm using a AceKard 2, ver2.1

    So I understand the SRAM and PSRAM and NOR. When I bought my EZFlash, I had a problem saving with various games (Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland, Mother 1+2 english translated, Mother 3, and Pokemon Fire red). When I saved in the games, it would save fine. Then I'd turn off my DS and do some other stuff, then come back to it to find my save gone. So then I googled and looked around and found GBAEXPLoader, and began to use that.

    I kind of got it to work after a while. I flashed Mother 3 to NOR, and played it, and saved it. After saving it, I would turn off the DS, and immediatly turn it back on. Then I went back to GBA EXPloader, and went to the "NOR" tab, then I would hit "SRAM to SAV file". Then it would save the SRAM to the sav file. So I can kind of get it to work.

    But, when I turn off the DS for more then a minute or pull out the EZFlash 3-in-1, it seems like the SRAM is gone. If I go to "Run GBA Game" on the DS menu, Mother 3 will not have a save. I can go to GBA EXPLoader, and put the save back into SRAM, but it's VERY inconvenient.

    I replaced the battery yesterday with a fresh one. Can anybody help?
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    After you do that, GBA ExpLoader should work like normal.