Hardware Help with Switch wifi not working at all


May 27, 2018
Hey guys,

I recently bought a non patched switch for homebrew.
That thread is pretty long since i didn't wanted to leave out any detail that may be needed to solve this wifi issue - sorry about that,but i marked TLDR.

When i got to initial set up of the console i noticed that while searching for wifi network all the locally available networks were shown as of one bar of reception (which is odd since i live in an apartment and all routers have different distance from the console) and obviously i couldn't connect to my home network which works with every other device, so i completed the setup offline.

Then i went to internet options and tethered from my phone a wifi hotspot which surprisingly worked, so the unit downloaded the latest update (8.1.0) and upon reboot i couldn't connect to any wifi network at all (after a brief 2 second scan for networks the list returned empty) and my tethered phone connection could not connect manually.

So i decided to open my Switch and clean the wireless antennas cables around their connection from the motherboard and the solution worked...i had wifi that worked fine until the evening of the same day, i left the switch in sleep mode, got back to it after an hour or so and again no wifi (the unit was just resting on the couch, nobody touched it).

Today i tried to clean the motherboard connections again with no luck making wifi work (i also checked for shorts for the black wire antenna and there were no shorts,both connections are fine) also i couldn't find where the white wire antenna goes and didn't fell like dissembling the whole unit since it may be unneeded.

Anyone maybe experienced wifi issues like this? maybe a tip on how to progress further? should i buy new antennas?
The joycons work great on wireless, just wifi isn't. my opinion is that this is a short of some kind with the white cable antenna (since the disconnecting the black antenna disables joycons wireless operation - thus it is probably bluetooth) but i couldn't locate the white cable antenna... and i do want to read some from more experienced people.
As of now the seller hasn't responded to my complains.


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