HELP with stardust accelerator cheat.dat

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    GUYS HELP!!!......i did everything includint the ysmenu thingy and i did did everything i could to make the cheats work...for stardust...i downloaded all the cheat.dat's i could find but none of them work...i tried deleting other games to get it working but it STILL not working..does anyone have a cheat.dat file for JUST stardust accelerator? [​IMG] or can someone help sort this thing out? thanks [​IMG]
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    i think this is in the wrong sectioin...
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    y5ds stardust accelerator is for wii and nds

    not for gba
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    a vagina :)
    Sometimes you need to delete a lot so just move it up

    and yes this is in the wrong section
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    You should look at this topic:;#entry1678181

    Also, make sure you have the correct game ID for the codes (this can be found with a Cheat Code Editor) and that you are using the right region (Japanese/American) codes for the right game.

    And if you want to create your own cheat database or need to know how to find the games ID then check this topic:;#entry1278822

    I hope this helps.

    Edit: Didn't see this topic was nearly two months old, soz for posting.