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    Hi everyone,

    just started my PS3 Slim again to play some classics with multiman, but somehow it does not show the games I have in the retro folder. Or at least some. I checked the games and saw that they were .img data - which worked all fine before. Also Irismanager does not work anymore, but I don't know why.

    Then I remembered that I changed the firmware some time ago - but I can't remember what firmware that was. Can somebody help me to regain the compatibility I had before? (With a firmware you would recommend?)

    My system:

    Firmware: 4.70 [SC-35 PL3]
    Firmware Mode: COBRA 7.10 compatible

    If I can provide any more info, please tell me. I never got that system of the PS3 for homebrew, backups and stuff. All guides I've read were far to confusing and started at the end or were full of information that had nothing to do with the guide topic.
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    That firmware is Habib 4.70 (idk which revision though)

    PS2 Classics has three methods: old Placeholder, Cobra mode, and REBUG Placeholder
    Cobra method uses games in ISO format and they go in the PS2ISO folder. Loaded directly from Multiman. Saves go in a PS2 Virtual Memory card made in XMB.
    Those .img files are probably the PS2 covers.

    Old Placeholder has games in ISO.BIN.ENC format. Used in XMB. You swap them out with a manager or you make completely new ones with PS2 Classics GUI. Saves go in the VME on each single game. A pain if you ask me.

    The modern method is REBUG's PS2 Classics Placeholder, which loads ISOs into the placeholder itself with COBRA. On XMB too but you need to mount a PS2 ISO then run it. The difference between this and COBRA is it fixes the Ps2 sync bug (meaning you can use PS3 controller wireless now). All saves in this one are stored in a SINGLE VME file.

    Other ROMs like GBA, NES, SNES, etc uses Retroarch in Multiman. Just put them in a random folder and file path to them.
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    Hey there. Sorry for the late reply.

    Thanks for the information about my firmware. Which do you think is best for playing backups on PS1 / PS3?

    And with that I say sorry twice. By classics I meant PS1 games.. did not mention that, I thought I did. I think the rules for them are quite different? Or at least the format of the files.

    For PS2 things: I thought it was not possible at this point to play the most games? Am I wrong?
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    I'd say update to the latest Rebug REX firmware.
    That will eliminate the need for PS2 placeholder things as you can boot the PS2 DVD from Multiman.